Waring Pro ICT200
Waring Pro ICT200

Waring Pro ICT200 Induction Cooktop

This Waring Pro Induction cooktop unit packs a powerful punch and is very simple to setup and operate. Based on electromagnetic technology, induction cooking is fast becoming the cooking method of choice due to its responsiveness, cost effectiveness and inbuilt safety features.

Waring Pro Induction Cooktop

This ICT200 1600 watt portable induction hob is ideal for cramped or tight cooking situations. Customers who have purchased these hobs have used them in caravans, trailers, remote vehicles and even boats.

These hobs are also ideal for very small homes and kitchens and for student dormitories. The fact that they are flame-less and have no heated electric ring means that they are extremely safe to use.

Waring Pro Induction Cooktop

The beauty of induction cooking is the unit is quick to get to the necessary temperature and will stop cooking when your pot is removed.

Key Features of the Waring Pro ICT200 Portable hob

  • Induction cooking is much faster than gas or electric
  • There is no flame, no exhaust gas fumes and is therefore very safe
  • The electromagnetic technology will use up to seventy percent less energy than more conventional cooking hobs
  • Comes with an LED timer display
  • Simple to Easy-touch controls: On/Off
  • 8 heat settings, 150-minute timer
  • Elegant styling with smooth glass top
  • Automatically shuts off 30 seconds after pot or pan is removed
  • Even heating – no hot spots
  • Remember to use induction-ready cookware.

For more information on the unit visit the manufacturer site. Waring Pro are a highly reputable manufacturer of kitchen products and appliances.

The manual can also be viewed or downloaded here :Waring ICT 200 Manual

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