True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop

True Induction Single BurnerThe 1600 watt True Induction single burner is a modern looking portable induction cooktop that provides a fast, safe and easily cleaned option for your kitchen. The portable induction cooktop is very easy to operate and for basic cooking requirements there is very little that can go wrong.

True Induction manufacture to very high product safety standards and their single and double cooktops are widely found in RV’s such as the Winnebago and many high specification motor boat homes.

More information on the safety and quality standards can be found at the True Induction site here.

True Induction Single Burner Product Specifications

Power 1600 Watts
Voltage 120v / 60 Hz
Temperature Range 150°F – 450°F (exact temp. settings)
Level Selection Selecting settings 1 through 10
Max Time Set timer up to 150 minutes
Material Glass Ceramic top
Unit Measurement 12″ width x 15″ length x 2 1/2″ height

True Induction Cooktop – Promotional Video

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