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BergHOFF Portable Induction Cooktop

Use the BergHOFF portable induction cooktop in a variety of different environments. Portable induction cooktop hobs can be used in confined kitchen spaces, log cabins, remote vehicles, small condos, apartments and even outdoors as an extension to your bbq. BergHOFF Portable Induction Cooktop Features Also use it as an extension to your main kitchen burner if you have a large …

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True Induction Energy Efficient Single Burner Induction Cooktop

The 1600 watt True Induction single burner is a modern looking portable induction cooktop that provides a fast, safe and easily cleaned option for your kitchen. The portable induction cooktop is very easy to operate and for basic cooking requirements there is very little that can go wrong. True Induction manufacture to very high product safety standards and their single and double …

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