Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

The Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Pro offers a faster, simpler and more versatile way to cook. Induction cooking uses an innovative cooking technology that is sure to change the way you cook in future.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

The Fagor induction cooktop is a lightweight and highly portable induction cooktop solution which can be used in a variety of cooking environments. Whether you need the hob as an extension to your main hob or need a cooking solution for an RV or student dorm, the Fagor is versatile enough to meet all these needs.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop
Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop

The Fagor Pro portable burner contains a series of magnetic coils just beneath the surface of the hob. These coils generate magnetic fields that induct a warming reaction in steel and iron based pots and pans when the cooktop is turned on.

The magnetic reaction between the coils and the cookware placed on the surface of the stove is what generates the heat. It is therefore the cookware itself and not the surface of the cooktop that is heating the food. This in turn leads to a more precise and energy-efficient heat transfer during cooking.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Features

The Fagor Induction Pro hob is stylish unit with clean lines and a solid glass-top finish. It can be operated using easy to use digital touch screen controls.

To commence cooking place a pan on the unit and press the “start” button. This will place the cooktop in standby mode. As long as you present an pan to the hob which is induction ready then the cooktop will commence the cooking process.

The unit will as a matter of default, start its cooking operation from power setting four. This can of-coarse be amended up or down using the touch sensitive buttons.

The unit comes with 8 quick launch power buttons which incorporate heating functions such as boil, sauté, brown, stir-fry and sear. These power settings allow the stove to be utilized at temperatures of between 140°F and 465°F.

Fagor Induction Pro Temperature Settings
Fagor Induction Pro Temperature Settings

Induction cooks so much faster than electric or gas. Tests on induction cooktops highlight that it is 50% faster when increasing or decreasing the heat to a pan. Going from a simmer to a boil is achieved on a portable induction stove in a matter of seconds.

One of the main features of induction cooking is the amount of energy which is saved in the process. With gas cooking the gas burner will heat the pan as well as the surrounding air.

The induction process however will only ever heat the pan. Indeed you can place your hand on the induction rings next to a heating pot and not be burned.

The cooktop has a maximum pre-programmable 180 minute (3 hour) timer feature which can be adjusted using the touch buttons. The timings can be set in 1 or 10 minute increments. The timer can also be disabled at any point.

Safety Features

Should you leave a pan on the hob for a couple of hours then the the Fagor Pro also has an in-built safety cut-off.

The Fagor induction cooktop also comes with a safety lock. Tapping the lock feature once deactivates all the controls and ensure children or other adults can’t adjust the cooking settings that are in operation.

Product Features:

Dimensions: 11.8 x 15 x 2.3 inches

Weight : 6 lbs

Power : Up to 1800 watts

Temperature Range :  Low of 140°F and a high of  465°F

Automatic Shut-Off – Yes (after 2 hours)

Child-Lock : Yes

Manufacturer : Fagoramerica