Copper Chef Induction Hob

Copper Chef Induction Hob

Copper Chef Induction HobThe Copper Chef Induction Hob is a very popular, reliable and easy to use 1300 watt single hob cooking unit.

Built with convenience in mind this portable induction cooktop can deal with a wide variety of cooking tasks such as boiling, melting, warming, stir-fry, broiling, searing and simmering.

If you think you need a cooking unit to expand your home cooking resources or are perhaps looking for something small that can cook well in small spaces then the Copper Chef stove is an ideal place to start.

Watch the QVC demo and wonder at the features of induction cooking.

The Copper Chef Induction Stove Features

The Copper Chef Induction stove has an inbuilt selection of factory preset heat and timing functions which ensure even the most challenging of cooking  processes can be managed with little fuss.

Copper Chef Induction Hob

1. Timer Button – this affords the ability to increase and decrease cooking time in 1 minute intervals up to 150 minutes (2.5 hrs.). This safety feature ensures that once the time has ended the unit will go off.

2. Warming Button – this provides the user with the ability to set the temperature to 175°F to keep food warm on a continuous basis.

3. Decrease Temperature Button – Allows for the user to decrease cooking time or reduce the cooking temperature.

4. Low Button – Allows the temperature to be set to run continuously at 100°F.

5. LED Display – Displays time, temperature and ON/OFF status

6. Medium Temperature Button – Sets the cooking temperature to run continually at 275°F.

7. High Button – Sets the cooking temperature to run continually at 425°F.

8. Temperature Increase Button – Allows for the user to increase cooking time or extend the cooking temperature.

9. Sear Button – Sets cooking temperature to run constantly at 500°F. Once programmed the digital display will show “SEAR.”

10. ON/OFF Button – This controls he starting and shutdown of the device.

Copper Chef Induction Stove Technical Details

Always remember to use induction ready cookware with induction cooktops.

Product dimensions : 15 x 12 x 3 inches

Product weight : 5.8 pounds

Manufacturer : Tristar Products Inc

Temperature Range: 100°F-500°F

Voltage: 120V/60Hz

Maximum Power Output: 1300 Watt

Warranty : None

Product ManualCopper Chef Induction Manual