BergHOFF Portable Induction Cooktop

Use the BergHOFF portable induction cooktop in a variety of different environments. Portable induction cooktop hobs can be used in confined kitchen spaces, log cabins, remote vehicles, small condos, apartments and even outdoors as an extension to your bbq.

BergHOFF Portable Induction Cooktop Features

Also use it as an extension to your main kitchen burner if you have a large family gathering and need that extra cooking capacity.

The 1600 watt unit comes with a touch sensitive control panel and a timer setting that will let you control your cooking over a 150 minute period. The unit is presented in a black synthetic finish and has a simple to wipe and surface with a built-in shatter resistant tempered glass surface.

Induction cooktops provide you with excellent, adjustable temperature control. The BergHOFF comes with 10 power levels and lets you control the temperature in 30 degree increments from 150 to 450 degrees. Whether you need fast boiling, frying, steaming or just warming food the induction cooktop will deliver each time.

The unit will not generate heat and will shut off automatically if it does not detect induction ready cookware on the surface.

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 15 x 2.5 inches ; weight – 6.8 pounds

BergHOFF are a highly reputable manufacturer of kitchen appliance products. Click this link for more information on BergHOFF

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