We decided to create this site to help the general public with the Induction cooking and Induction related products.

There are a wide range of products to choose from with different features and price ranges that the decision making process can be a problematic one.

From month to month we will add product reviews and also aim to build up a library of other induction cooktop related resources – so watch this space.

If you are still not sure why you should buy the best induction cooktop the following might help sway you:

Induction cooking is Cleaner

Induction hobs and cookers are designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Materials such as glass ceramic are used in the build and can be cleaned very easily with just a damp cloth and the minimum of fuss. Also, because the cooktop itself does not get hot there is little opportunity for food overspill burning and messing the surface of the glass-ceramic.

Induction cooking is Cooler

Traditional gas or electric cookers are highly inefficient as they also heat up the air around a cooking vessel. It is generally considered that they lose up to half the heat that they generate to the surrounding environment. Within a combined space such as a small kitchen, RV or tent, this heat waste builds up quickly and can make for a very hot and sometimes uncomfortable environment when cooking takes place. Induction cooking generates very little ambient heat as all the heat energy is being transferred straight to the cooking vessel itself.

Induction cooking is Energy Efficient.

Because Induction cooking is far more energy efficient it costs less money to run than more conventional forms of cooking appliance. The table below identifies the power efficiency of the appliances.

Is Induction Cooking Safe

Induction cooking is incredibly safe. Tests have demonstrated that the glass ceramic surface  used inthe cooktops only gets to around 212°F (100°C) when boiling water. If you are frying food temperatures will get up to a maximum of 482°F (250°C),

A typical conventional ceramic cooktop with electrical heating elements on the other hand will heat up the cooking surface to around 1,112°F – 600°C).

There really is nothing to beat the technology of induction cooktop. Induction cooking is the future of cooking.

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